CS:GO exploit lets you change the shape of smoke and make fire disappear

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  The command resets active smokes and molotovs, giving a different randomised shape for smoke, or making the molotov fire disappear for about a quarter-second. The exploit, discovered by DonHaci on Twitter (via Dot Esports), relies on the fact that these elements are calculated on the client side.

  You can bind the command to repeat the exploit, and in warmups you can endlessly spam through smoke shapes until you get something advantageous. That can potentially include a one-way smoke – a rare glitch that already occurs in the game. During actual rounds, however, the exploit can only be used once.

  While one reset probably won’t be enough to get you a one-way smoke, it is enough to pull away a disadvantageous pattern and replace it with something that gives you a better shot on your opponent.

  You can see the glitch in action above.

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